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Younger Brother Woodworking, LLC, is a business owned by Ray Buckmaster. All furniture is designed and handcrafted in my studio, one at a time.


I studied education at the College of Charleston, graduated, and taught elementary school for nearly a decade. While teaching, I also obtained a master's degree from the College of Charleston. Being an educator taught me the value of being a life-long learner. 

While teaching, I used summer breaks, nights, and weekends to learn about and practice woodworking. After years of intentional practice, the hobby I was passionate about turned into an idea for a business. In 2015, Younger Brother Woodworking began in a shop barely large enough to hold all my tools. Eventually, I moved into a larger shop, learned about running a business, and fine tuned my craft. My diverse woodworking career has evolved over time and every new project brings an opportunity to apply past knowledge, while always keeping the door open to learn and improve. 

At present, I am focused on perfecting my own craft, while encouraging others to learn about woodworking. I can usually be found working in my own shop in the mountains of North Carolina, or teaching the craft to other life-long learners. 

Ray Buckmaster and Family

Ray Buckmaster

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