Wooden Stool with Bear Puzzle

Stand up high or sit down low! This versatile wooden stool has been designed for stability. This will to allow children to help out in the kitchen, wash hands at the bathroom sink or sit down to put on shoes. The sides feature a mountain theme and each side has a hand hold to make carrying easier for little ones.  The top features a removable bear puzzle piece that has been inlaid into the top. 



  • Solid maple 
  • Steel figure 8 fasteners
  • Non-toxic dye
  • Shellac



  • 11" long x 8" wide x 8.5" high



  • 100% solid maple and all natural shellac
  • Mortise and tenon joinery
  • Removable Truck toy that rolls
  • Personalized Name engraved into the center of the bear (optional)
  • Splayed base for stability
  • Hand holds on both sides of the stool

Wooden Stool with Bear Puzzle


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