What's on the Bench? 


Work in progress:


My wife and I are expecting in February, so two pieces of furniture are being built for our new addition. The first is this dresser that will have a detachable rack on top for use as a changing table. Once the changing table is no longer needed, the rack can be removed, but the dresser and its useful storage will remain.



The case will be made out of cherry. The knobs and accents around the drawers will be made of walnut. 



As with all of the furniture I build, I will use traditional mortise and tenon joinery for the case and dovetail the drawers.


Finish: A clear,durable finish called General Finishes Enduro will be used to protect the wood.



Changing Table \ Dresser: 

Front of the case

Hand turned knobs

Back of the case

Completed Dresser

Completed dresser with changing table top